Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today is random day

I have been reading the second edition of Bryan Peterson's book: Learning to see creatively. It is indeed a very good book to expand the photographic eye, and not so much on the technicalities of photography itself.

Bryan prescribes some seeing exercises that when done once a week for 3 months, will guarantee you a vision that is shared by fewer than 10% of all photographers, and it will be a vision that gets noticed.

He also states that "It is my belief and strong conviction that any creative endeavour - including learning to see creatively - cannot begin as long as you are feeling anxious and lost".

Anyways, back to the random photos of the day

the new melbourne university accounting building

bean sprout specialists

looks like this place has been abandoned for sometime, judging from the number of phonebooks on the floor.

I originally planned to head down to Docklands for a landscape shot I was inspired from a magazine, but decided for something much nearer instead.

I used the 5 exposure autobracketing option at 1eV apart. The HDR is now much smoother in tone. I like it! :)

St Mary's Star of the Sea Cathedral

You can see the millions of tax payers money used to restore the stonework of the church. At last count, repair works were estimated at AUD 10 million.

The Catholic Boys School next to it.



Zoe! said...

I rally like your third image - what a juxtaposition, the mercedes next to the bins - great capture.

robin said...

simply love how the details of the sky in the second last shot was maintained. well captured !!!

brandon said...

Zoe - yes, I thought it would be interesting to showcase an S-class Merc next to rubbish bins

Robin - thanks bro


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