Tuesday, March 31, 2009

F1 weekend in Melbourne

Alot of things were happening round the city this week in conjuction with the F1 races in Albert Park.

some OCF ppl decided to make chocolate mice for dessert. how cute :)

There was also an Earth Hour Concert in Fed Square on Saturday to create an awareness of how we can save electricity.

some people commented that they didn't like the over-saturated look of stage lights over the singers' faces, so i'm trying some monotones this time.

Jessica Mauboy. I'm still trying to like her tracks though.. they don't appeal to me as much as Damien's.

The next day, there was a turkish festival in Victoria Market. I popped by after morning service to have a look. Asked Ananda to come along too.

This is the Turkish equivalent of your local shoe shine boy - except he's much older, and much more professional.

Some chefs at the bbq pit. there was a whole cloud of white smoke emanating from their stall.

ABC radio set up a small booth for their live radio show.

Would you like some cherry juice?

Both of us went for a photowalk after the Turkish festival ended.

shoes hanging on Little Collins

A days' worth of shopping

An indian couple waiting for the tourist shuttle bus on flinders st

If you just sit around and observe, there are lots of things to shoot at fed square

this guy was lying down while taking in the music from the jazz gig down below.

ananda with his manual focus 250mm (500mm equivalent!) lens

what smooth legs i have!

there was a moderately large group of people sitting at the square watching the F1 race on the big screen.

I love my nachos!

After the race ended, we went for a short walk along southbank before heading home.

5 exposures were used for this HDR. Always remember to turn off IS for tripod work to get sharp images!



changyang1230 said...

Love the shoes pic!

ven said...

is there a significance with the hanging shoes? I saw a pair here today and I thought it was some drunken bloke pulling a prank on his mates.

brandon said...

ven - it supposedly means that that place is a gathering point to get ur drugs. not sure if its true but i don't really mind about it :s


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