Friday, March 13, 2009

Moomba Fest 9 march 09

Monday was the last day of the long labour day weekend, and also the last day of Moomba. There was a parade down Swanston st from 11-12pm.

Thank God her mom wasn't around.

ah.. the roller skating monsters are attacking me!!

Mr. Dinosaur

One of the percussionists from the Balinese group

And for God's sake, I don't want to know what does that mask signify

Two doctor comedians stopped in front of me. With the 35-100 set at 100mm and f2, the background was blown away to oblivion ;)

I saw this tai chi lady during a performance at vic Mart last year.

One of the spanish dances

Meet Miss Universe

and this is Mr. Universe

When you see a this lion dance troupe, it could only mean..

the monstrous Bendigo dragon is making its appearance!

another common face you'll see among the Aboriginal performances in Melbourne

As you can see, the belly dance girls are quite popular among tourists

After a quick bite at Mc Donalds, Dave, Ananda and I headed towards Birrarung Marr.

Since its Moomba Fest, there was a healthy focus on river conservation, hence the models.

the kermit trio

The girls attending the stalls tend to be quite noisy and bitchy at times.

This is the best I could achieve with the 50-200 for the day.

A couple of Harley's are always seen at these kind of fairs

A volleyball match was occuring at the same time. Of course, that wasn't the only reason why I attended the match ;)

I wonder if I sat at a bar with one of the girls, what our conversation will be like.

Nah.. I better skip that idea after thinking about it.

There was this street performer who inserted a knife down her throat. I wonder if it has any long term effects on her health.

After a quick dinner and nap at home, I headed down to the Yarra again with my tripod.

I tried a different angle of view which didn't obstruct the city skyline, and changed to a tungsten white balance to render a blue night sky.

As a result, most of the fireworks were happening where the river curves, and not at my site.

I still managed some decent shots, nonetheless.

Some people have different opinions regarding my fireworks. I don't blame them though.

There was another performance at the Coca Cola arena after the fireworks.

I still prefered the rock performance on Saturday night, but this one was quite good.

The bright f2 aperture helped.. alot. I only had to use ISO 400 and 1/180 sec to get this shot.

So thats the end of Moomba for 2009.




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