Monday, March 16, 2009

My guitar and I

When Zach told me about a friend of his who wanted a photo shoot in conjunction with her upcoming career as a song writer, I didn't really know what to expect, but kindly obliged anyway.

I chose Rutledge lane because I thought it would provide a nice, funky background. Unfortunately, it did rain quite a bit, so we had to wait for a while till it cleared up (its because Tee was very concerned about her guitar. I on the other hand, don't need to bother too much about Kim. She's weatherproof :p )

It took a bit of time to get her relaxed and have some natural looking smiles and poses, but it was worth it.

she said crossing her leggies make her look thinner. Well, i don't exactly see much of a difference, but it adds a nice twist to her pose.

i moved closer and zoomed into her face to have a thinner DOF.

I thought the corners would provide an interesting juxtaposition of colours, so I placed her there.

I asked her to play a few songs to make her look natural with the surroundings

found a nice spot in fed square with a fairly neutral background, and wanted to show case the relationship with her guitar.

I was kindly treated to dinner after that.

lamb chops with vegetables. the lamb was flavourful and juicy; had to get some tissue to wipe my mouth after each bite!

battered calamari with tartar sauce

some kind of pasta with a nice cheese sauce.



AnandaSim said...

I've heard of singers singing for their supper, but photographers shooting for their dinner? hmmmm....

Webmaster said...

Nice photos... just wondering if she's going to call her album "My Guitar and I" by any chance or is that just a name you picked for the post?
I'm asking because I run a new a site called "My Guitar And I" which is aimed at promoting budding guitar artists!
So whether that IS her album name or NOT, please send her my way as I'd love to hear her music and maybe feature her on the site!



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