Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Welcome to international students

The Melbourne City Council organised a welcome program for the International Students who've just arrived for their studies. How appropriate of them to do so.

I packet the trinity (7-14, 12-60 & 35-100), but it was the 'big mama' which I used most of the time.

One of the samba dancers having a photo session with admirers. I wished I'd arrived earlier to see the performance myself. Drats!

2 officials (with an injured footie player) signing AFL footballs in conjunction with the launch of some Hawthorn footie club activity

Trying too hard to be Aussie, I reckon

Face painting's also included in the package

Along with some folk dancing

You can make a saw 'sing' with a violin bow

One of the organisers came up with a crazy idea to form a human 'map' of Australia, afterwhich a photographer in a helicopter would pass over Fed Square and snap the 'result'.

Here they are all waving at the helicopter

Giving out prizes to enthusiastic dance participants

Ever heard of a croc show at Fed Square? You have now

The Bollywood spirit has kicked in since the Slumdog Millionaire craze. In the past one month, I've seen at least 4 such performances (by different dance groups, of course)

Sometimes, people can't understand why photographers (such as myself) can't go out with the most beautiful (or cute) ladies that they photograph

The main instructor had a noticeable Aussie accent. Oh, how globalised our world has been!

The 35-100 just makes the background fade away in a way i can't describe! Excellent bokeh too

The security personnel looks on

From sikhiwiki.org:

The dhol is a a drum widely used in India, especially in the Punjab region. It is very popular in modern Punjab music played worldwide.

This guy just got in the way before I was about to photograph some cute chicks. Oh well!

If you didn't know, PMA 09 has just started. I'm curious whats about to appear next.

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The Skatemusicianer said...

Well taken. Do check out my blog, i took some photos, but it was with a normal digicam. Nothing awesome, but comment on the composition please? : )


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