Thursday, February 26, 2009


I volunteered myself as an event photographer for Kompilasi: A survey of contemporary Indonesian Art three days ago.

I went there with my friend who's in charge of a popular Indonesian magazine in Melbourne.

Having been to several art exhibitions before in my limited lifespan, this one addressed some common social issues in Indonesia. For example, mass housing

You could see how interested Australians are regarding any form of art.

One of the artworks was kind of 'interactive' since it requires the audiences' participation. You basically take a flag from the serving tray..

stick it on the artpiece

and write your name next to it.

"free the artistic expressions of your citizens"

If you don't read, you don't forget. Intriguing

A pair of artists completed this mural in front of the gallery. The fellow with goggles is asking for 'Prayers of blessings"

Of course, there was a short speech by the art curators detailing what sort of activities would be held within the small art space.

This art space is kinda like a small NGV (national gallery of Victoria). Its small, cramped, and ugly, but it works and I like it.

Chinatown's dingy lanes have always been the same since I arrived here.

Last night, I dropped by the Suzuki Night Market. Sadly, its the last night market event for the year.

A group of Cuban musicians were performing

Camel rides are the way to go

Sometimes, I wished life was as simple as a shuffle of tarot cards...

or Photoshop

Judging from the cook, what's in the pot doesn't look that delicious nor nutritious

I think she's making some Okonomiyaki

There was a cuban dance class at 8, but I left early since it was getting cold & I didn't have any mood to continue any longer.

Perhaps i just need a break.



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