Saturday, February 21, 2009

Zuiko 35-100 f2 does fashion shows

I was at an Eco-fashion show today in Federation Square.

As their website says:

"Discover a range of ethical and sustainable clothing designers as a real alternative to high street fashion outlets.

This dynamic event will inspire you toward an eco-fashion future! "

I wasn't the only photographer there (there were dozens in fact), but at least I had ample space get a good picture.

Of course, i didn't consider my lack of expertise with shooting fashion. Using the FL 50 external flash cast a very flat light on the models, compared to entirely depending on ambient light. I was shooting at f2, 1/320 sec at 500 ISO on manual mode.

When I used ambient light.. the models were underexposed. I didn't really have time to change the settings, so I just let it be.

One thing I found frustrating was the lack of the SWD motor on the 35-100, which would have helped me acquire and autofocus on the subject more quickly and accurately. No doubt there were some hits and misses, but the more 'perfect' the shots, the better.

looks like someone fulfilled her 'little girl's dream' here

in between the clothes parades, several hip hop dancers performed anti-gravitational feats

some of the dresses are a bit too lacy for my taste, but they are no doubt 'model-worthy'

the guys were more aloof and distant compared to the girls, which is something that should be expected, i guess

i love slim leggies :)

i don't think anyone in their right sense of mind would wear a dress made from rice sacks

some of the models won't pose for you; they remain in their post for one second, and its straightaway off to the backstage!

i'll end with the favourites of the series , which is the one above. i had try out many modes of black and white conversions, but i perceived that this one retained the most skin detail. I need more practise with fashion shows!!




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