Thursday, February 05, 2009

Suzuki Night market

I'm making a conscious effort to document the night market, since I'm living so close to it. Yesterday was no different; walking around, trying to look inconspicuous, but of course its a little hard with the Zuiko 35-100 /2 on my E-3.

One lady even asked how detailed are my photographs.

I smiled and said "Every skin pore, eyelash, wrinkle and strand of hair is captured and reproduced faithfully by my lens" :)

She replied then "Thank God you're not taking my picture."

There's heaps of pasta everywhere

The lady managing the pasta stall

squeezing some sauce onto the japanese pancake

selling cold drinks. at $2 each, its a kind of a rip off, i reckon

the asian stall

the cook busy at work

here's your food, madam

why the stern look? a wine seller

care for a kangaroo / ostrich / crocodile burger? at $9 each, its not cheap, but its worth a try

the art stall. you get to paint your own 'cartoon characters'

the main show for the night put Bollywood in the limelight

the performance was pretty good i reckon

one of the dance instructors

a grandma at the caricature stall

thats all 4 now. laters!


Kay Weng said...

Wah, your camera is powerful (in malay, canggih!) !

ven said...

I never ever got the hang to use a telephoto. Never good at even coverage in the first place anyway.

Awesome photos by the way.

brandon said...

thanks Ven..

If you've got the chance, you've got to try out the 50-200 SWD (which i've reviewed too a while ago). its great for sports and event coverage. the kit telephoto is a little.. slow


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