Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HYP Festival

Went to observe the HYP Fest at Fed Square last Sunday. Met Dave there. Since there was not much activity to start of with, we decided to do our familiar walk along Southbank for some street shots.

One of the buskers. I don't know how she can just stand still on a hot sweltering day. Those cowgirl clothes look very thick to me!

This japanese dude plays on bourke st most of the time. Was pretty glad he was willing to strike a pose for me.

Traditional Lebanese clothes and jewellery

This guy writes your name in Lebanese FOC (free of charge). He has some pretty neat artwork too.

yup.. thats my name in Lebanese (I'm not kidding!)

The Lebanese belly dancers who were scheduled to perform later in the evening. I couldn't stay because I had a friend's dinner to attend.

Bollywood's in town again. Must have been influenced by the Slumdog Millionaire movie.

Traditional Lebanese dance. They call themselves the St Paul's Antiochian Dabke Group

A very splendid, charismatic performance. Thumbs up from me.

GPO, taken with the pancake lens. Image photoshop-ed to correct distortion.





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