Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday night dinners in full swing

Yesterday Neil's dinner was in full swing. I guess since the heat wave's finally over (& more people have returned for uni), more people will be turning up in the following weeks.

Scooping up the pasta


and having fun

getting ready Saru and Kevin's birthday cake

introducing ourselves to the rest of the gang

Peter gave Kevin some cologne. What a wonderful gift..

My typical group pose. Some left earlier, so this isn't the whole bunch that attended dinner.

James Wei came late with some 'mail'. Guess he's the official postman for Neil

Some shots took earlier in the day

giraffe in urban wilderness

the red goldfish

old man and black ute


Miss Libertine's menu

There's sustainable living festival happening in Fed Square this weekend, and a motor show @ Exhibition center the next. Hopefully I'll get some good shots.




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