Monday, February 02, 2009

photowalk 31 jan 09

Decided to pay a visit to Herring Island with J after hearing about it from the web. Its a man made island, and was used as a depository for silt from the Yarra (for flood control purposes) and has experienced periods of neglect.

Several sculpture works dot the island, and each of them are site specific and a little interesting to observe , albeit not looking very impressive in the first instance.

tried to take a discrete pic of this leggy asian. I guess converting it into B & W gives it a more classic style which i adore.

chatted a little with some sculptors from the victorian sculptures assoc. pretty nice people, and the mastery of their craft is very admirable indeed.

Melbourne sculptor Robert Bridgewater, was chosen to design and install another sculpture for the 1999 Melbourne Festival. A sinuous form detailed with intricate patterning carved in cypress macrocarpa, "Scaled Stem" can be linked with a budding plant, a club, a fishing float, kitchen utensil or scientific apparatus. Bridgewater states that the work "is part of a continuing line of enquiry concerned largely with relationships between form, pattern, craft and material and the poetic associations that can be evoked via these relationships". The organic worked textures of "Scaled Stem" highlight "an inseparability and interdependence between notions of nature and cult

Canberra sculptor Jill Peck has created a large scale Harcourt granite boat form at the westernmost point of the island as a metaphor for journeys, water and knowledge. A path leads up a bank between two mounds to reveal this unexpected resting place for contemplation. The prow of the sculpture and the prow of the Island point downstream towards the city's horizon.

if i were a small animal, this is the view i would see while walking through tall blades of grass.

looking towards the ferry point from an natural elevated platform on the island

a unique looking coffee shop right across the river.

We then stopped by Crown Casino to look around the CNY festival being held there.

a petting zoo was readily available for kids to have contact with their favorite animals

i'm not sure if its part of the display, but for now, lets just enjoy how cute it looks

the goat couldn't keep its hoofs off the korean lady. i wonder what perfume she wore that day.

this is a very good rooster; it doesn't mind being held and doesn't move around much.

one kfc for you, another for me

its the same rooster again!

the troupe makes its way through southank. You can see a mini white line on the bottom right hand corner. its tiny!

some people decided to take the dragon on a spin. it was really fun, though.

awesome finale.
i'm trying to be creative in giving names, but so far, its a 'purple girl waiting for someone)

looks like a very tasty dog bone to me

my best shot of this guy so far.

getting warmer with the aussies

till later, gong hei fat choy!



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