Thursday, February 12, 2009

OCF Convention 08, Adelaide

I have only one word for OCF Convention 08 - AWESOME!

Unfortunately, As the year 2009 progresses, all thats left of 2008 slowly begins to fade. New contacts made during that short one week period begin to be forgotten (not all lah, but some!). As such, I'm making a conscious effort to write these posts in order to remind my ageing mind about what I may forget in the near future.

Waiting for the Bus to depart from Adelaide Uni. All cheerful faces here! I reckon bernard and ka faii have similar smiles.

Our first ice-breaker. This is how you should get acquainted with your bible study leader

Challenge hill. Santa Jack climbing down the chimney

the monkey bar

A few important figures in the OCF SA community - Esther, Moses, Arthur, Danny & Janice. I had to refer to FB for the names!

we had all the big major camera brands. cameras just kept popping out of nowhere!

Friends 4 eva

if you get enough back ground separation and use the 35-100 wide open, you can get some fantastic results.

plenty of smiles and laughter go around, especially from WS and Jon

Geoffrey Woo, one of the travelling gospel singers from Singapore

Dr. Omar, our camp speaker. He is the executive director of Serving in Missions (SIM), Australia

praise and worship

my fun bible study group liked to camwhore with the 7-14 very much

the angel-mortal game is a tradition. the gifts we mortals receive from our angels can be quite.. interesting

watching nature in action

unfortunately i didn't have time to do any of the trails

giving our appreciations to the people who have made this camp possible.

the theme song for the convention

i may be posting some of my pictures from Adelaide later.


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robin said...

OK i do see one or two familiar faces ahahahha...
ester chia !!!


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