Sunday, February 15, 2009

My trip to Adelaide part 1

Had an amazing time in Adelaide after the OCF Convention. I made sure I allocated at least a week for travelling before heading back to 'normal' Melbourne

My first glimpse of Adelaide on Hindley St on December 5th.

When you're in Adelaide, eat what the 'Adelaideans' eat

A close up of the unagi dish. The eel is pretty tasty, but i don't think its high price tag fits what it really is.

waiting for other people's food to arrive

this is called the 'volcano'. Their chilli paste can be quite explosive to some

A view of the Adelaide skyline from North Adelaide. You can see a stadium in the foreground.

the Adelaide Brothers' house were very hospitable to all of us. Bryan Gui (extreme left) was a very helpful tour guide.

Had lunch with Mel the next day. She brought me to this beef noodle place near the Adelaide Central Market. Its a really large bowl for 8 bucks. Earns my recommendations.

Judging from how the Adelaide Central Market has successfully combined a market, mall and food court, I reckon this market is more organised than our own Queen Victoria market.

Adelaide has a prominent German community (in Hahndorf), so its not surprising to find lots of German sausages and ham.

An interesting place to sell books. Its a pity he hasn't had an opportunity to liquidate most of his stocks, though.

Visited this speciality shop which had Gingerbread house hampers; since its near Christmas.

After the market, we dropped by the Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral near the center of the CBD, which is on the way to Mel's house.

There's also a compulsory visit to the local firestation.

this is how people extinguished fires a long long time ago.

A high class student accomodation converted from an historic building.

The Garden of Dreams

"the Roman" is a cafe housed in a former brick kiln.

Saw this pixelated dog at the entrance of an abandoned building. Pretty unique i reckon.

The Clayton OCFers are a great bunch. We're at Jane's place having bee hoon with laksa paste. Had a great time eating & getting to know other ppl.

More for later.



AnandaSim said...

This set, particularly the portraits and the food are intensely coloured, sharp with that nice bokeh.

h3l3n said...

very pretty photos!


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