Monday, February 09, 2009

what i did last weekend

went to Universal after OCF with J to eat their canadian BBQ pork ribs and chicken wings. scrumptious!

took J on sat evening to the city.. the scorching winds.. a first in Melb for me!

dating on Bourke street.. aww.. how schweet.. sigh

what else to quench ur thrist other than a good glass of wine.. and someone to share it with!

had some pre-chap go meh dinner with the gang at a hot pot place on Russell st. ate our hearts out!

joined a strobist group meet in Melbourne uni today. the minute i took out my 35-100 and gave it to my pal to try, he couldn't let go.. -which is why i'm not taking as mch pictures as i'd like to.. felt useless for not knowing anything about strobes and wireless flash.. and the models were gorgeous! sigh again

the 50-200 is a great lens.. but ultimately, it can't beat the zuiko 35-100 wide open. the firmware update seems to work by getting it to focus more accurately.

someone commented it looks like a photoshoot for wolf blass.. :)
her gloves really make a world of difference

spotted a couple during their photoshoot. the extra range of the 50-200 lets me get way out of range of them.. which is good

my apologies if you think its off camera flash.. its not!.. au naturel...




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