Saturday, February 14, 2009

A valentine's day date

I was disturbed from my peaceful slumber early this morning by a red coloured sun and a stunning pink sky. Knowing that this would be a wonderful opportunity to photograph the Yarra in the early morning, I woke Kim up from her sleep. We were both out from the house in 15 minutes.

Kim spotted a pair of gondolas (with couples and personal 'boatmen). how schweet

The feeling of sailing down the Yarra on Valentine's day when its all quite and beautiful must be heavenly.

Kim and I 'stalked' the gondolas as they headed towards Princess bridge. Normally we don't do this, I swear!

Our favourite shot of the day

Alas the gondolas made a U-turn after they passed underneath this bridge. Thus was the end of our 'stalking' feat.

Kim suggested that I do a HDR. Great suggestion!

Cycling is one of Melbourne's favourite past times. unfortunately Kim & I haven't been on any cycling trips.

We passed by a tourism booth on the way home...

and the GPO (General Post Office)

i got Kim some flowers. I thought roses were too 'typical'

There are many ways you can get around Melbourne

Elizabeth St is reknown for its bike shops

I think my first beer was a Heneiken. I think I prefer Carlton Draught now. Kim doesn't drink though.

started chatting randomly with this dude in the market, so I managed to get his shot.

Happy Valentine's day Kim! Papa loves you very much...


AnandaSim said...

When you start calling your camera affectionate names, ah, you know, you've reached the corner and gone round the bend....

Phiaw said...

Lovely photos


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