Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thai Culture and Food Festival 2009

The festival started with a traditional Thai long drum parade through Federation Square and along the Yarra river.

I wasn't sure if the drum parade was successful, but it did attract some attention.

I asked the lady holding the placard to strike a pose for me; unfortunately her eyes are in the shadows.

There were a number of tents showcasing Thai arts and crafts, Thai tourism, traditional Thai massage, fruit carving, handicrafts and information from sponsors (eg. Singa beer) and supporters.

Gasp.. another Olympus supporter! - e-3 + 12-60 + fl 50r

These beauties are vying for the "Miss Thai Festival 2009" title.

The Thai dances were orchestrated by the Sbun-Nga traditional dance group flown directly from Thailand.

As you can probably see, there are quite a number of handsome blokes and beautiful Thai babes in this dance group.

Her smile just melts my heart.. darn.. I'm feeling mushy now.

Muay Thai dance.

Daylesford CFA speech, thanking the Thai community for their support of the Victoria bushfires in Daylesford

There were 3 rounds for the beauty contest. I must say, some of them should really take classes on how to pose. She looks very much like a body builder !

A worthy Colgate model. Her smile was so wide, i was afraid her pearly white teeth might drop out!

The most pretty of them all (according to my taste, ok? ). Unfortunately, she didn't progress to the finals. :(

Okay, I know Thais love vegetables, but I can't imagine them doing a dance with a bowl of salad in their hands..

The look of triumph - One of the Thai kick boxing winners

The intensity of the matches cannot be ignored, as seen from the expressions on their faces.

2 of the contestants waiting for the 3rd round of the beauty queen contest.

Even towards the end of the day, the Sbun Nga performers still managed to deliver a very brilliant performance.

The compulsory group photo after every performance.

Overall, a very well organised, vibrant festival. The thai festival trumps the malaysian merdeka celebrations many times over.


badzboy said...

Your taste, ok

No.15 She so beautiful ^^

jLj said...

bloghopped :p
your shots are awesomeee!!!


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