Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moomba Fest 8 march 09

Before I was due to visit the Moomba Fest on Sunday, I was invited to a Malaysian Students' Association BBQ at Flagstaff Gardens.

I have no qualms about the food, but just let me say that this is one of the worse BBQs I attended, because I didn't know anybody aside from a handful of people!

The sausages were quite nice, thats for sure

This kid just kept rubbing her nose with her sweater. I wonder why.

I saw someone using a Tamron 70-200/2.8. Considering it has somewhat the same physical properties as my 35-100 (and the slow AF motor), I think they're are siblings.

This is the president of the UMNO Melbourne Club. Don't mess with him. He was practically beside Dr. Mahathir (Malaysia's ex-PM) when he visited Melbourne! He'll be a big man in the future, so watch out for him.

I wonder what they're feuding about..

Oh well.. It doesn't matter.

These radio-controlled boats may be small, but they're speed demons (and noisy too).

As usual, watersports make their appearance once again.

Other than the crappy background, I reckon some of the shots turned out pretty well.

Aside from the slow 5 FPS of the E-3, I do wish for a Zuiko 90-250/2.8, and I definitely do not need to tell you what its for ;)

There was an abundance of spectators, thanks to the warm weather.

I was too tired to continue on, so after watching a dance session near the Coca Cola arena, I left.



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