Monday, March 23, 2009

National Multicultural Festival and Greek Antipodes Festival

The Multicultural Festival and Greek Antipodes were happening concurrently last Saturday, albeit being held at two different venues.

The public was invited to participate in completing the mandala which was made from grains (eg. rice). Kids were more than happy to try it out!

There was also a stall where artists' could draw henna on their hands, but at 10 bucks , i regard it as a little too pricey.

This is James' new toy.

Local stalls were busy selling items of cultural interest.

An Indian comedian putting up a one-man-show

The interior of a Mongolian yurt. I feel I could've used a wider lens to capture more of the view outside.

Two gorgeous ladies were walking around the fed square open space on stilts while dancing at the same time. Impressive!

Nicki Bomba & crew were there to give a splendid musical performance...

And the audience were more than willing to get up and dance on their feet

I had to wait for a few moments while this baby's dad look straight at me. I think this would also look great on black and white.

This guy just recently acquired his 520 kit. He's from the Philippines

I can't help but notice how his striking yellow top fits so well with his cap.

This lady didn't seem to let go the cup from her mouth. Oh well.. click!

This masked dude appeared from nowhere and danced spontaneously with the crowd.

This lady waits for passersby at the Buddhist booth. I like the streaks of reflections running down her hands and face.

It took at least 1 minute for Chris to notice me. They just finished their BS social at Flagstaff Gardens.

I think the kid is a little to old to be carried around. I pity his mom!

Festivals and beer always go hand in hand.

james and jacky. how schweet :)

James and I headed back to Lonsdale street to observe the Antipodes Festival.

A Greek folk dance, i think.

Another lady on stilts with her 'fan'

Spotted this grandma on the stage with the other performers. She's surely enjoying what she's doing :)

The proprietor of a popular Greek restaurant on Lonsdale Street

As usual, the organisers acknowledge the original custodians of the land which the event is being held in response to the reconciliation policy of Australia.

They managed to light a fire the old fashion way without using matches. Wow!




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