Monday, April 06, 2009

1st day of F1 in Melbourne

I had an opportunity to visit the F1 races at Albert Park 2 weeks ago. The weather conditions were perfect - a slight breeze and a very bright sun.

The V8 supercars were warming up before their test race.

That is a very wide rear end for a car.

The Donut King cars were coloured in bright pink. They stick out like a sore thumb, in my opinion.

The BMW team. Its unfortunate their team did not win anything during here.

Let the test runs begin.

I reckon there will be some acrobatic air displays during the race day itself.

The Dodge Viper

Chevrolet Corvette


Lamborghini gallardo

As the test runs began, the next batch of racers prepared their cars.

Pimp my Yaris!

If I own this car, I'd say "I drive a hot chick with me all the time".

After the races, I headed home to have dinner at Neil's as usual.




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