Thursday, April 30, 2009

My first site visit in 2009

As part of my attachment in Kuching, my boss decided that it would be useful for me to go for a site visit and attend a meeting at the same time.

The project is basically a secondary school commissioned by the Ministry of Education in the Asajaya suburb. To make things simple for the contractors and the site managers, the design was purposely kept very simple (compared to another school around the same precinct).

Even though building a school should be a relatively straightforward, this project has been going really slowly, and its been 14 months since construction first started. My boss and the rest of the consultant made some noise during the last meeting a month back, but since then, nothing much has changed the situation.

If this continues to persist, the contractor will be in deep SH*T.

If a project doesn't come to completion according to the paperwork, a client can request to be reimbursed for lost revenue. It wouldn't be a small matter, I'm sure.

One of the issues made during the site meeting was that house keeping matters (eg. cleanliness of the site, and safety measures to prevent work accidents) weren't adhered to. My boss told me that in Singapore, one could be fined for not following rules at a construction site!

Most of the buildings were due to be built up to the 2nd floor according to the earlier agreement, but you can see that not much has been done here.

Classrooms look reaaally empty without any furniture and students in them.

Due to incessant rain, parts of the site has been flooded with pools of stagnant water, which could lead to breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests which carry various diseases.

After the site visit, a meeting was held in the site office to raise up the issues that were discussed earlier. Some light refreshments were provided.

During lunchtime, the consultants were brought to a nearby Malay restaurant.

Rendang (beef curry). The gravy was flavourful enough, but I reckon the beef wasn't cook sufficiently, as it was a bit tough to chew.

Curry chicken

Ikan masin (salted fish)

Curry vegetables with seafood.




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