Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday night blues

Right now, I'm wishing any bloody genie could transport me back to Melbourne to shoot the events there. Kuching's just so friggin' quiet (albeit the occasional fashion show and kids' day celebrations at the Spring).

Feeling a little adventurous, I decided to have a look around town to see if the local food is still up to standards. I was around Song Kheng Hai area (where the famous belachan noodles are), and I can indeed say that everything hasn't changed so far (except the price).

It was around lunchtime (12-ish), so lots of office workers can be seen around here.

I ordered ABC (ais batu campur) for starters. Current price is around RM 1.50 (gone up by 50 cents since a few years ago). I'd give this 6/10.

I ordered some fried noodles from the Ah Lau stall (number 25), which you can see from the image above. Tastes fantastic, but for RM 3.50 for a small plate, I think its a bit too far fetched this time. No doubt prices will continue to soar.

This morning, I had a bowl of Kolo mee from the same kopitiam at 3rd mile, the only difference being that this time, they put the red pork sauce and i had mee pok (slightly thicker noodles).

At an equivalent price of AUD 1.50, there is no place in Melbourne which sells kolo mee which tastes this good. Hmmm.. perhaps I should learn the trade and set up a stall in Melb..

While eating the succulent noodles, our pet dog looked at me with an obviously hungry expression. He was much naughtier when he was younger, but he's toned down quite a bit these days.

I was boasting to a friend in Melbourne that my dog is a low maintenance dog. He goes out and comes back whenever he wants, we feed him scraps from our dinner table, and he doesn't need to shower too often, among other things. What breed, may you ask this dog to be? Well, my mom once said its a Kuching Kampung dog breed.

Meet our pet chicken, Fred. It loves to explore the garden while at the same time liberally fertilizing the soil with its feces.

Kim was feeling bored once again (as she always does), so I took her for a spin around the garden with the 50 macro.

Hmmm.. thats about all I have to say for now. Going to church as usual tomorrow.


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AnandaSim said...

I like the food and the dog shot. The flower macros? meh. I think shallow DOF works in rare cases for flower macros - unless you want a certain background type pic for stock photos....


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