Friday, April 10, 2009

Basketball Australia world record dribbling event

I was privileged to be able to attend the Basketball Australia world record dribbling event at Federation Square last Tuesday.

Since it was a world record event, there was heaps of media coverage.

I managed to sneak my way to the front through all the kids. The excited kids had to bear for half an hour to hear a barrage of speeches from the VIPs.

If you do get a chance to google the 'basketball song', do it :)

The President of the Australian Basketball League makes his speech.

Despite the enthusiastic kids, there were older ones who.. hmm.. didn't feel that enthusiastic.

I wonder if they were genuinely interested in breaking the world record or not.

...& the dribbling begins .. :)

what? i can't hear you..

this guy was practically begging for his pic to be taken.

Now everyone fling your basketballs into the air. Kinda looks surreal, doesn't it?

The Dragon team cheer leading squad.

They must have done heaps of practice to get to their level.

These kids are lining up to get their basketballs signed by famous players.

To kill some time, some impromptu interviews were arranged with the players.

Keeping the fans happy aint' easy, for sure.

Here goes another kid jumping in front of my camera.

You could see the basketball player hidden behind the large mass of basketballs here.

She honestly doesn't look too happy about this.

The crowd started getting wild when t shirts were distributed to them at random.

Me me meee!!!

I'm not sure how many basketballs each parent brought.. but they sure look like a huge mass.

After the event, Daven and I walked through the Block Arcade and Royal Arcade for some casual shots.

The little lanes are packed to the brim with coffee tables and chairs.

In the evening, I had an appointment with Zav to do some evening shots of Docklands.

The non-working ferris wheel was our first destination. With the 7-14, the ferris wheel looks magnificent in the gold afternoon sunlight.

Zav really wanted to try out my 7-14, so I swapped it with hit leica 14-50 instead.

if I had shot this a little earlier, the sky wouldn't have beena solid black color. Better luck next time for me.

Goodbye, melbourne!


robin said...

gosh the pic of of the floating balls in the air was just perfect !!!!!!
Yeah, for some reasons the people there loves to jump in front of the camera !! Happened to me when I was using just a mere compact back then LOL

brandon said...

yeah.. hahah.. aussie kids are more prone to jump in front of the camera compared to the malaysian ones , unfortunately.


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