Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friendship Park Revisited

Another food update: I had some char kuay teow near my work place today. Its cooked by an aunty at her stall. She takes her time to prepare her food, but when it arrives, people are usually too hungry to care about it much anyway.

After work, instead of heading down to the Waterfront, I decided to stop by someplace nearer - Friendship Park.

There was a newspaper report a year back describing how all the fishes in the pond died because of apparent poisoning. Well thats long gone now. Fishes have now overpopulated the pond in full force.

Admiral Cheng Ho, who lead the first expedition from China to Malaysia many centuries ago, stands firm and tall as he watches over the park.

There was a dance session held for the folk who're interested (there was a huge crowd there too).

Alright, I'm pretty worn out. Laters!

1 Comment:

Cynful Words said...

Hi Brandon,

Beautiful photography. This is your profession? Are you based in Kuching?


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