Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, 22 apr 09

I started my day today with the best thing on earth.. Kolo mee! This one has all the right ingredients in it.. pieces of fishcake and char siew (barbequed pork), topped with shallots and spring onions. Yummm....

The location? Its hidden. Nah.. just pulling your leg. Its at the construction workers canteen near Novotel. The workers should be able to tell you where to find it.

And its just RM 2.50 (or AUD1 !)

Had some fried rice for lunch.. It tasted alright, but not too fantastic, when compared with the kolo mee I had earlier.

I brought Kim around the city for a spin after work. Here's a shot at Permata Carpark, with the OCBC Bank behind. The clouds had a really dramatic formation to them this afternoon.

Shooting down from the top of Permata Carpark towards Tun Jugah.

Permata carpark was designed by my office too. Its seen better days when it was opened, I presume, but as usual everything else in Kuching is left on its own to gradual decay. The food stalls on the top floor of the carpark are worth a visit, I must say...

This is one of the famous Cat statues in Kuching, right smack in the middle around several prominent buildings eg Holiday Inn, Riverside Majestic, Standard Chartered bank. I still prefer the statue of the beckoning cat at Padunagan, though.

Riverside Majestic. I was a big fan of the TIMES bookshop here a long while back. Not sure if it still exists though.

I decided on a different angle of portraying Hilton Hotel, so that it looks like a 'blade' right here. Not sure if my concept works here, but oh well..

A classic scene of the Sarawak River with the sunset and the sampan. Oh, how I wished every day in Kuching was like this!

Another view of Kuching from the 13th floor. Perhaps you can guess which building this is :D

Its rare that you get to see pink skies in Kuching, but anything and everything is possible. You just have to wait for the right moment!

I decided to quickly rush off to the Ciniplex to do some night shots of the city. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the IS system (and I think I couldn't exactly control my frame when i use the 7-14 too wide), so I'll be certainly back for some more tries in the future while I'm still here.

On a separate note, the E4 will be the last E3 replacement, and after that, Micro 4/3rds will out-phase the current E- system slowly, but surely. Refer here for more details. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I hope I won't have to keep Kim on the shelf far too soon!




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