Wednesday, April 29, 2009

28 April 09

I made plans today to meet up with Robin after work today for a short evening photo session, and so we did. We went around the India Street Precinct from about 6-7pm.

There's a pretty large, pink mosque here that can be seen from the Padang Merdeka, because its located at a prominent spot on top of a hill.

And nearby is a dockyard. Too bad the place was closed up, otherwise, we would have had a ball of a time.

Electra House, a once popular shopping center is located right next to the open air market hawker center. The lookout tower on the right was once used to look out for fires all around Kuching (the timber shophouses are prone to catch fire).

The sky colours today aren't as intense, but Gunung Santubong can still be seen in a distance.

Another take of the boat pier, though this one isn't as successful as I hoped.

I wanted to do an evening shot of the Merdeka Palace Hotel, so we rushed back to Padang Merdeka.

I also tried a shot of the Kuching Museum, but the lighting was pretty crap, so it didn't work out. Such a pity :S

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow.



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