Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, 23 Apr 09

Its really tough trying to incorporate my photography activities into my work. After working the full hours from 9am - 6pm, I get out of the office, and its either raining, or there's a bit of sun hiding behind those thick clouds over the city.

After I reckon I've got some successful shots, I head home, have dinner, and quickly process the ORF files in lightroom before uploading them to this blog, my flickr, and facebook.

In either case, I made my way to the Kuching Waterfront, armed with my tripod, and Kim.

Its almost as if you could hear the 100-year old shophouses murmuring among themselves about their newer, brighter coloured and taller neighbours. But there's nothing to worry; the Kuching city council lists them as heritage properties, and does their best to ensure that they're preserved for future generations to admire.

As you can see in the foreground, 'sampans' are still being used extensively in the Sarawak River. Kids from nearby schools just hop on one of these boats , and the ride back home across the river only takes about 10 minutes, (and 20 cents!)

Compared to Melbourne, the boating culture here is obviously not as advanced. New boats acquired are just left to rot at the waterfront, which is kind of sad.

The water front atmosphere here is as 100 percent close to the Kuching culture as you can get. If you're a tourist, its definitely worth a visit to this place.

Around this time, everything's pretty much quiet. People are rushing home from their air-conditioned offices to pick their kids from school, and have dinner at home.

As the call for prayers from the local mosques resound in the air, the lights along the Waterfront are turned on, and then the magic starts to begin..

This is once again the observation tower at waterfront, along with the famous Astana across the river bank.

I never expected my hometown to have such a beautiful sunset. But all is well, and I'm very satisfied with today's session.

I walk down past the old block of the wet market. Helloooo Kuching, this is you at 14mm! :D

I've tried to take another shot of the Dewan Undangan Negeri designed by Hijjas Kasturi, but it doesn't seem that great because its underlit. I hope the next time round when I return, the atmosphere will be much better.

Believe me... Kuching Waterfront was as quiet as a ghost town as I left. They should really do something to revive the atmosphere here again.

So much for a long day. Hopefully, if the weather permits, I'll get some good shots today too.

Signing out,

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abbar said...

Very interesting wide angle shots. I wonder, how many others are using E3 in Kuching.....


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