Thursday, April 30, 2009

29 April 09

As usual, I love to start my posts with a dose of local food from Kuching.

Kuching Foochows are famous for their 'fried soup noodles'. This isn't really the best I've tasted, but it works for me anyway.

I still had some space in my stomach, so I decided to order a bowl of meat porridge. Probably the noodles dampened my appetite a little, so I wasn't really craving for it.

I finished work around 6.15 pm, so I once again rushed to the Waterfront for my daily dose of sunset shots.

I love intensely coloured skies.

The ever popular Riverside Majestic. I haven't been inside there since I got back, unfortunately.

Sarawak Plaza.

The Standard Chartered Bank building now hosts 3 different banks.

So much for some long exposure photographs around this area. I've got ideas of several different buildings I'd like to shoot in Kuching, so stay tuned for more in the future.



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