Saturday, May 02, 2009

1 May 2009

I'm feeling a bit worn out today, so this is a short update of what i've been doing. Robin, Methosphang and I made a trip to Jong's Crocodile Farm at 17th mile in the morning. In the evening, Robin invited me to the Spring Fashion week for some shots.

Of course, it can't compare to KL or Melbourne standards, but its good enough for Kuching folk.

These shots were taken using the super high quality jpeg setting, straight out of the camera. I must admit that even though I was using IS, some of the shots didn't turn out as sharp as I would like, despite I was trying to be as still as I could as I pressed the shutter. Hopefully things will turn out better tomorrow.



robin said...

Those photos look pretty sharp to me !!
Rest well, more to come in the weekends !!!!!

allen said...

woot! love the f/2 :P

nice meeting you! ;)

Richard Ling said...


u take super photos~


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