Monday, May 04, 2009

Fashion Week at The Spring - 2 May 09

After day 1 of Fashion Week at The Spring, I swore to myself that I would make my way to each fashion show if possible.


As expected, most of the models were from yesterdays' session, and they look fantastic (for Kuching standards-lah!)

This plain coloured brown dress doesn't command too much attention from its colours, but it has some frills to make the dress decently attractive.

Here come the reds.

G2000 has some very smart-looking office attire.

They look good on the ladies too.

I am yet to meet an office secretary with slim, smooth legs.

This model has some kind of a 'lady boss' look.

My St Joseph school senior, Alvin was in charge of the clothing and models for Ms. Read.


I'm unaccustomed to the concept of a fashion show for maternity wear, because the models look pretty awkward with those large pads they wear around their waists.

I don't think parents should give their little kids large lollipops - it could be bad for their teeth.


Basically a fashion show with models sporting large, tall hairdos and look like Marge Simpson.

OK.. I'm being sarcastic, but I applaud the institution's efforts to produce an interesting show.

They even had a short demonstration on how good their hair stylists are.

This is the lead designer (not sure whats his name though).

When I first looked at her, I thought she was a mannequin!

We're all one big happy family.


Similar to G2000, they produce some pretty sensible clothes.

There are also some sports wear for the ladies.

And thats all for the 2nd day of The Spring fashion show. Stay tuned for day 3!

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