Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fashion Week at The Spring - 3 May 09

This post concludes the final day of Fashion Week at The Spring. On a whole, I must congratulate the organisers of this event for a job well done, and I'd look forward to more fashion-related events in the future at The Spring.


I saw a new model today, pity that she didn't give me enough eye contact during the show.


The highlight of the fashion show (for the entire weekend) was held by Xixili. Its the most number Kuching photographers I've seen so far congregated in one area (in front of the models).

She looks almost doll-like in this outfit.

I'm not sure what the masks are supposed to signify, but I prefer that they don't wear them at all.

And thus marks the end of the Xixili fashion show.

Allen rightfully won a RM 30 shopping voucher from Xixili.

I'm not sure what he did with it, but he looks pretty happy!

That day was the first time that I also saw a limited edition Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR lens, mounted on a D700 of course. Its such a beauty, isn't it?



The last show for the night was by La Primavera.

Although the main focus was on handbags / purses, the models' black outfits look pretty good too.

I'm not sure if any lady would like to carry a such a large bag around, but I'm sure it has its uses.

And thats all for the Spring Fashion Show 09. I'm sure Robin must have wished he was here!

Dang.. I think my 35-100 will be feeling lonely for quite some time :S


1 Comment:

allen said...

i gave the voucher away!
my friend was happy to receive it! now she can shop for xixili goodies with 2 vouchers. ;-)


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