Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Clearing out the cobwebs

"Forgive me Lord, for I hath not been updating my blog as often as I should"

In case everyone's wondering, I'm still alive, albeit floating aimlessly in Kuching. Work has indeed taken its toll on me (physically and mentally). I'm still photographing, but I guess I'll be more selective with my future postings.

I visited the MBKS (Majlis Bandaraya Kuching Selatan) building one evening with the hope that I will be able to obtain some nice evening shots. Unfortunately they did not turn on the lights, so I left 'empty-handed'.

I visited the Zecon wharf with 2 members from KFK (Kelab Fotografi Kenyalang) members; Yusri and Asfan. They're a nice bunch to mix with, and it reminds me of the times we had street photography sessions with my mates in Melbourne.

A week before the World Harvest Festival event at the Sarawak Cultural Village, there was an opening show at the Spring to determine which of the contestants would take home the "Miss Spring" title.

Naturally, the first contestant, who's of Kenyah - Chinese parentage, Janet Bennet impressed the judges with her fair complexion as well as her slim and tall figure. The 18-year-old lass is currently pursuing a diploma in Public Administration at UiTM and hopes to be a lawyer.

A few of the other contestants weren't too bad - Jennifer Carterina, the 5th contestant is one of them. I used a bit of fill flash to give some catch light to her eyes and to give some lift to the shadows. The ever-faithful 35-100 helped heaps in separating the subject from the background.

Compared to the last time I was home, this time, I'm making sure I'm having heaps of delicious kolo mee all round Kuching. This is the kolo mee at my favourite shop located at the 3rd mile bazaar.

At office, sometimes work can get quite stressful, that its good to have some .... ''distractions''. [Cough!]

I miss my Gundam models from the old days. Mum threw them all away becaue they were expensive and bad for our academic progress. This is my colleague's.

Compared to the city skylines of Melbourne, the sunsets here seem more ''poetic''. I've got humongous, puffy clouds, mountains, the Sarawak river, and the occasional fishing boat. Splendid!

This shot with the 7-14 was taken moments later when the sun finally set below the horizon. I'd wish I had my tripod (I left in the car btw), but Image Stabilisation helped me to nail the shot nonetheless.

ps: I would consider this a rare appeal, but if you like the shots in this post (or my blog in general), please do kindly leave a comment. It helps alot in encouraging me to post more pics. Thanks!


changyang1230 said...

I like the shots in this post (and your blog in general). LOL :P

The Skatemusicianer said...

I dig the wharf pic with the grass and lalang isit? lol. Anyways..beautiful. Last photo is nice too.. and I'll probably check out the Kenyah Chinese chick when I go back to Uitm..haha..

Nelson said...

splendid indeed! all the photos i meant. i always share your blogs (photos to be true) in facebook to sort of promote Catzcity. =)Thanks. Keep it up! Gawai is one unique occasion that is full of colours. Don't miss it.

Richard Ling said...

truly nice.. your photos.

Funkye said...

i love ur pics..awesome.

btw why ur distraction at office no face one? wana see how she distract u leh ahahahha

Lance said...

Hey I really love picture P5272400.jpg! Mind sharing where were you standing when you took the picture?

I hope you don't mind that I save it for reference purposes since it has your watermark alreayd ;)

Lance said...

Owh really? I just copypasta from the url. It's the 7th picture in the post.

I'm ok with the "not giving out location" thingy, it's cool. I'm wondering before you leave kuching, lets hang out and chat.Not in June though, Final Exams =(


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