Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fashion Week at The Spring - 1 May 09

Robin managed to secure some VIP passes for me to attend the launch of "Fashion Week" the Spring last Friday.

The purpose of the show was to showcase some of the tenants' Spring/Summer 2009 Collections and is officially sponsored by Jet Star Asia.

The 3 day fashion extravaganza started with a "close function via invitation"featuring collections from 3 major brands: Espirit, United Colors of Benetton and PDI.

The venue was nicely decorated with plants, and some candles to give a nice atmosphere to the fashion show.

Some Avant Garde students were also seen playing some classical pieces, though I thought that the musical performance was a bit too long.

Through Robin, I met Allen, who's quite a regular at Kuching events.


The Esprit clothes line was first to start off the show around 7.45pm

I think that the clothes are quite contemporary and fit our Asian metropolitan culture quite well.

The denim jackets fit the flowery dresses quite nicely.

I tried not to use fill flash for some of the models, but the presence of dark shadows in the models' eyes isn't very flattering.

The average teenage girl should be quite satisfied with this outfit, although I'm not sure whether the alphabet bag would draw some attention from a 5 year old child.


Benetton actually came up with some brightly coloured dresses which I quite like.

I'm not sure how many people would wear a cap around town, but its commonplace in Melbourne.

The red coloured blouse and bag fit each other quite nicely (with those luscious red lips and fingernails too)

That would be a nice white sweater to wear during autumn in Melbourne, I think.


The striped Padini shirts seem the kind where English gentlemen would wear to play golf.

Here come the hoodies

And guess who I met during the ceremony .. the man himself, Kenny Sia

And for the sake of it, I had a pic with him too, kindly taken by Robin =P

After the ceremony, we headed off to Siang Siang Tabuan Jaya (again), for supper. I'm sure you know what this is.

I ordered some tomato noodles, but for RM 4, is a little pricey in my opinion, but it tastes alright.

Stay tuned for more pics of day 2 and 3!


robin said...

hey man,
glad u had a good time there that night. Superb shots like usual man, very very good skin tone rendition.

For Kuching, I do think that the fashion show was quite a good one !! wish I was around for Saturday and Sunday.

Richard Ling said...

KennySia is popular`


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