Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kuching from above

As an architect, one has to overcome the fear of heights, especially if he is working on a project that is quite tall.

What you experience when you are at the top of your ''creation'' is indescribable, to a certain extent.

Of course, the view that you get during daytime isn't as great until the sun starts to set.

The sun's rays cast a slight orange glow on the buildings. You can see the MBKS building to the top right of the image.

Depending on the height of the sun in the sky, you may get a brilliant yellow...

... or a dusky orange colour.

And when the sun sets, I can testify that Kuching is indeed, very beautiful from the air.

As you can see, the sky changes its colour very quickly, and within a few moments, the pink skies aren't as intense as what they looked like a while ago.

When you turn to the north, Wisma Bapa Malaysia stands out as a golden lamp out of all its peers.

Its interesting that when you start to zoom into the details of your photo, everything seems clearer; waterfront, Electra House are easily recognizable among the zillions of metal pitched roofs out there.

Having a wide-angle lens is so much fun because you can either try to get the buildings to appear perfectly vertical..

Or tilt the lens below or above the horizon line to get more dramatic angles.

Of course one shouldn't just concentrate on one spot only. The surrounding buildings also can be used for pretty pictures.

Thank God for lovely evening weather this past few days. I think I can get hooked on this sorta thing :P



uncleawang said...

What a lovely photo !!!!.
Thanks for sharing.

Nelson said...

All praise to Almighty God.

aLz said...

beautiful :)

C.P Tan said...

Wow!Very awesome photos!Well done!
By the way,can I ask for your permission to post these photos to skyscrapercity forum?

brandon said...

thanks for the comments, guys :)

Tan - i guess its alright to post the photos to the forum. just let me know which link you posted it to, and a link to my blog would be appreciated. thanks!


The Wordsmith said...

Beautiful! Very cool point to take photos from.


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