Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jong's crocodile farm revisited

I last visited Jong's crocodile farm almost a year ago. But when the opportunity arose for me, Robin and Methosphang to visit it yesterday, we took it in full stride as another Olympus outing for us.

When a crocodile looks at you with a gleeful smile, you know its not a good sign.

It seems that the crocodiles on the farm are trained to jump for their meals.

And mind you, they can jump pretty high.

Its hilarous when two crocodiles are looking at the same bait...

...And when one of them fails to get the bait, and hilariously crashes over his neighbour..

Methos brought out the real bigma - a sigma 50-500mm. Imagine a 1000mm equivalent field of view at f6.3. Thats friggin massive!

I swear this picture is not cropped. The crocodile was just 2 meters away from me when it reached for the bait. Its scary!

This crocodile saw better days before its snout was permanently deformed, probably due to a fight.

Methos is assisting Robin to shoot a helpless little caterpillar.

This monkey seems so pitiful behind its cage.

This is Sarawak's indigenous pig, the 'babi hutan' (forest pig)

An otter makes cute little wails in its enclosure.

Its hard to imagine that these young crocodiles could also be used to make leather goods.

We had lunch at the 10th mile bazaar. This is Robin's favourite Teh Si Peng.

Kuching's famous tomato noodles; you can't find this anywhere else in Malaysia

I had some fried noodles. Its a little salty , but its not too bad.

I had a bit more space as usual for some kolo mee.

We wanted to head off to the hot springs at the Anah Rais Village which is on the way to Borneeo Highlands, but it was raining, and we decided to turn back instead.




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