Thursday, May 07, 2009

Due to technical issues, I don't think that I'll be able to post my photos on facebook, until I get my laptop sorted out. But thankfully in the meantime, I am still able to updated my blog.

I'm taking part in a Heritage Trail Photography Competition in Kuching.

Jointly organised by the Institute of Architects Sarawak Chapter (PAMSC), Sarawak Heritage Society (SHS) and Sarawak Tourism Federation(STF), the contest aims to:

1. Raise publis awareness on heritage conservation
2. Support government's initiative on their pursuit of world heritage listing for Kuching
3. Document the tangible and intagible cultural heritage of Kuching.

The satay man - People tell me he's been around for ages, but I'm yet to taste how good his satays are.

This is the old wet market along Jalan Gambier.

In the midst of decaying buildings, life still goes on.

You can almost imagine several uncles, or grandmas sitting on those chairs, and spending the whole day talking about life.

The security guards are here to ensure no one gets away by stealing metal pieces from the buildings. Thieves in Kuching can be pretty resourceful in getting finding ways how to earn their bread.

Our tour guide, Mike Voon (president of the Sarawak Heritage Society) has plenty to say about the state of Kuching's crumbling buildings. I'd like to spend more time with him one day to document everything that may be lost due to the tides of development.

I met Harry, a local who's pretty accustomed to the scenes over here. He's teaching a school teacher from lodge how to 'fix' her camera shutter lag (its just a matter of a mirror lockup, nothing major).

The river can be pretty quiet in the mornings.

The river operators maintain a vital role in transporting villagers to the city for their entertainment and groceries

Taking a much needed break during the photography tour.

On the eve of the competition due date, I was going around the old wet market area in a last minute attempt to chew out some photos for the competition.

I can't seem to get a decent reflection of the columns, but hopefully I'll get better shots next time round.

I thought the contrast between the new and the old tells an interesting story.

Thats all from me for now.

signing out,


AnandaSim said...

The first few shots are much better compositions than I have seen for a while since you went back to Kuching. It's nice to see the wa exaggeration style.

Timothy said...


That is all I can say.

Keep up the photography Sze Min. We need more people like you to take all these pictures of Kuching, before it all disappears in the name of development.

And less food inducing too. :D


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