Sunday, May 17, 2009

My [current] life

Even though I've been raised in Kuching for about 20 years, I'm currently missing Melbourne so much that its not funny at all.

I'm currently working a 9am -6pm desk job at a local architecture firm near Novotel. For the first few weeks, I was assigned to do some sketchup models for my boss' housing project near Hup Kee. Now its all about 'getting my hands dirty' to do all the autoCAD drawing for submission at the council. Every single friggin' line counts, down to the width of a drain and the pitch of a roof over a building. Lunch break from 1230 to 130 pm (its religiously adhered to. At 1235pm, everybody's out for lunch).

When I leave the office at 6pm, its usually sunny enough for me to do some evening shots of the city, as it doesn't take that long at all for me to reach the Kuching waterfront. I usually lug my camera gear, tripod and laptop (for fear of it being stolen) at the same time, and it makes me pretty inflexible with my photography options, and it definitely weighs me down.

After some evening shots, I return home for dinner after 8pm, where mum stuffs me with as much vegetables and fruits as if I'm a cow (with one miserable serving of a meat dish). I then religiously check my emails , or go for supper with friends.

Unfortunately, supper is rarely on the list, because everyone seems to have reasons of their own:

"I'm really sick, so I guess I have to stay at home"

"I'm in KL at the moment, can we meet in a few weeks?"

"Work's really tiring, and I need my rest"

Since I'm not meeting as much friends as I used to when I return to Kuching, I'm starting to wonder if I'm reaching a phase of life where people aren't that close as they use to be, and are busy attending to their careers (or family, if they're married).

I'm currently forging new friendships with photography enthusiasts more intensely than I ever have thought I would, since my current contacts are busy with their own lives. It isn't an ideal situation, but I'll have to live with it somehow.

I've also been ''strongly'' advised to pick up some local dialects; aka. Foochow. Those who''ve met me know absolutely well that my level of Mandarin and Chinese dialects are in the pits and not even worth mentioning. If I don't do so now, I'll have a hell of a time at work as an architect in the future.

Enough of my blabberings. Time for a shot of London Gin, then off to bed for me.



The Skatemusicianer said...

hmm...I guess life's like that. People get busy..or maybe they're not busy but just committed to other things. Probably you could arrange smth else than a supper.. anyways I'm available for supper..haha..

Richard Ling said...

find u supper when i back to kuching.. =P

aLz said...

i FEEL you on the 'missing melbourne so much it's not funny altho i was born in msia' part. :(

btw, how long are you in malaysia for?


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