Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yes, after several weeks of being in Kuching, I'm finally sick from flu. If I were travelling during this period, I'd probably get quarantined at the airport!

It does get irritating after a while, having a piece of tissue stuck in your nose while you're at office. I don't think my colleagues are impressed. Even the big boss decided to avoid me today after seeing how runny my nose is.

I've just taken a Clarinase pill from the fridge, with the hope that everything will be well today.

I've got a deadline for the AutoCAD drawings I'm currently doing, which is on Friday. By God's grace, I'll should be able to complete it.



Richard Ling said...

i am having flu too..
(in KL)..

robin said...

Oh dear do take care and get well soon man !!


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