Wednesday, April 15, 2009

50 macro around the garden

I would like to openly admit to the whole world who reads my blog that I am not a macro fan. 

But with Kuching not as 'happening' as Melbourne event-wise (plus the skies are pretty cloudy all the time), Kim was getting fidgety and needed to do something.

So I put the 50 macro on her and off we went around my mom's garden.

A bit of background history here:

My mom's been a green finger for at least 5 years, so she's tried to plant every single friggin' plant or vegetable which seems to be good for health (old mah, what to do). In the meantime, she's stuffing me with so much fibre everyday that I seem to be going to the toilet much more than I used to. [Okay, maybe I'll stop here - a bit too much information for the masses.]

Yes, the 50 macro is a mighty sharp lens. Its sharp from edge to edge, despite not being at fast auto-focussing as the canon 100mm f2.8 macro, which is equipped with a USM and has 1:1 magnification.

Getting good with macro photography also needs professional equipment. With an olympus system, that means getting a macro kit which comprises a ring flash or twin flash, an adapter for the 50 or 35 macro  lenses, etc etc. Whew, what a long list eh? ;)

My mom plants several species of hibiscus around the house. This is a pink variant, and I think the colour is pretty cool.

Some plain white flowers..

I noticed this curious looking plant that has the purple lavender colour on it. 

Two tips. Ahem.. lets not ask how i got the inspiration for this :)

Some yellow hibiscus plants grow at the front.

A bougainvillea plant.

Okay.. enough of macro for the moment. If I go even further with this, I think I'll start documenting all the plants in my garden and become a botanist!



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