Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kolo mee - the BEST noodles in Sarawak

I risk being hurled with insults, rotten tomatoes and all other sorts of vegetables by those from West Malaysia..

but I bravely declare the Kolo Mee is the best noodles in Malaysia (dependent on where you order it, of course). Tourism Malaysia should put this on par with the rest of the goodies you can find in Malaysia, be it nasi lemak , char kueh tiaw, roti canai, etc etc.

*ducks behind a table for cover

As Wikipedia aptly puts it:

"Kuching 'Kolo mee' or 'koh-loh mein' (egg noodles, flash-boiled and then served with (classically) garlic, shallots, minced pork, white vinegar, pork oil or in some cases peanut oil and sliced barbecue pork also known as "char siew") this is a widely popular dish with the local population."

As recommended by Kenny Sia, the Kolo mee from Siang Siang food outlet, Tabuan Jaya (next to the Petronas station) is one of the ultimate kolo mee experiences. It comes served in a 'chicken bowl' aka. a bowl with chicken on it, and pickled chillies. Of course, everything comes at a price: this Kolo Mee is priced at RM 3 (compared to others who price it at RM2.50). 

This Kolo mee is from another store. Slightly cheaper at RM 2.50 (hey, 50 cents here makes a lot of difference, OK?), has red char siew oil and is a bit sweet.

This is my sis drinking some teh si special (iced tea) at a food court in King Center after the Easter Sunday service at our church. I have no idea why she orders this drink wherever she goes :s

My dad swears that this is one of the better laksa dishes available at a cheaper price (RM3 instead of RM 4 or 5 elsewhere). Its not bad, I must say.. (but I can't say its the best i've tasted in Kuching, yet).

"Sarawak Laksa (a spicy coconut prawn paste-based broth served with rice vermicelli, egg, prawn, chicken, deep fried tofu and occasionally clams), Asam laksa is different."

Char Kway Teow from another stall in the same area. Its not as flavourful as I'd like it to be (compared to the one at Open Air, near Electra House).

The dish is made from flat rice noodles (河粉 hé fěn in Mandarin Chinese) of width approximately 1 cm or slightly narrower, stir fried over very high heat with light and dark soy sauce, chilli, prawns, cockles, egg, bean sprouts and Chinese chives. Variants may include serving the dish with slices of Chinese sausage and fish cake are added. It is fried in pork fat, with crisp croutons of pork lard, giving it a characteristic taste."

"Char kway teow has a reputation of being unhealthy due to its high saturated fat content."

Oh come on.. cut the crap. ALL hawker food in Malaysia is generally unhealthy and has alot of crap in it (MSG, salt, etc)

I wished Kim could've enjoyed the food as much as I did.

Oh well :S



smashpOp said...

great photos!

William said...

Hey Brandon. The food photos are simply mouthwatering. Were the first two pictures taken in a restaurant? From my experience with hawker centre food, the food is usually served on plain white bowls with the occasional dent / plastic orange plates that seem to have lost the natural porcelain lustre.

kennysia said...

mmmmm i feel hungry now!

brandon said...

thanks for dropping by, kenny. I'm honored !:D

william - doesn't matter what kind of bowls the food is served in, as long as it tastes great, thats all that matters..

Dezmond said...

OMG haha... where's that's stall located?

kolo mee is indeed the pride of sarawak! they've even got it featured at facebook I think it's Lol!


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