Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kuching: in a different light

It seems I've been having so much Kolo Mee lately, that I should devote an entire post to it in the future once I'm done! :P

I had this Kolo mee on Thursday afternoon near my workplace. Its one of the stalls on the left when you exit out of the Riverside Majestic shopping center. Not the best I've ever had, and this variant is more to the 'salty' type compared the sweeter ones that I usually take. Price is RM 2.50, which is fairly standard. I'd give this 6.5/10.

Ah yes.. how can I forget the superb kolo mee at the Novotel workers' canteen. At RM 1.90 only (73 aussie cents), its a deal not to miss :) Its rare to find kolo mee below RM 2.50 nowadays, so its a must-try for Kuching standards.

I had a colleague who brought me to this 'original singapore chicken rice' stall opposite Grand Continental Hotel. The chicken tastes great, but it isn't that cheap, at RM 5 per plate. Highy recommended!

I had the roast chicken instead of the boiled one. The chilli tastes great too.

Today, the sky seems pretty dull compared to last Thursday. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I'll make the best use of whats presented to me anyway.

The 7-14 flares too easily despite how much I love it, so I switch it with the 14-54 mk 1 occasionally. Its a bargain for its price, and I'd freely recommend it to anyone who would like an affordable alternative to the 14-42 kit lenses.

I wasn't that satisfied with the shots today after the sun went down, so I tried some long exposure ones.

The OUB bank has been here for ages, before it merged with UOB bank. My dad used to work here a long time ago.

It seems that the green street lamps are giving a strange aura to the buildings at Main Bazaar.

This is the K uching Post office. A stately buidling with some Graeco-Roman influences.

The tenant at the corner shop has obviously done some renovations to make his property appear more noticeable than his neighbours.

The gateway to Chinatown looks a little odd when bathed in green light.

A temple near to the China town gateway.

Looking forward for tomorrow's shoot. Laters!


uncleawang said...

Wow!!!!.I have been following up your shot for sometime..superb!!.
That's the magic of Oly & man behind the camera too.I'm E-410 user for 2years & my gear now in workshop due to LCD faulty.Maybe try to upgrade to E-620 soon(waiting for promotion sale).
Your shoot really impressive.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

superb shots!


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