Monday, April 20, 2009

In brief

As a student architect, I sometimes wonder how can architects pour so much sweat and blood into a project, which would in a few years later become decrepit, soiled, and filled with pubs, food centers and massage parlours (ahem!)

Yes, it is here in this God-forsaken place that I will be starting my internship journey starting today. And yes, my boss has seen this blog.

But not all is bad. There are some decent buildings around...

...mostly dedicated as monuments to our economic prosperity.

Some of these buildings aren't new, but they have a timeless quality attached to them.

Good architecture doesn't have to make a grand statement. Sometimes, the simple old shop house beside a main road is all that matters. Its heaps better than any place that doesn't have any life left to it.


AnandaSim said...

You make those b&w shots look so desolate and lonely. Could be your mood?

The Skatemusicianer said...

ah..home home!


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