Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SMK St Joseph revisited

Yes,for those who are wondering where the heck I am, I am back in Kuching for an indefinite period of time.

Compared to Melbourne, the weather here is hot, humid and rainy / sunny, and I'm struggling to find inspirations on what to photograph here.

Anyways, I returned to my alma mater, SMK St Joseph on Easter Monday (its a public holiday for all the Catholic schools here). I brought along Kim and the 7-14. She likes wearing the 7-14 occasionally, so we're both quite happy with that.

Its been a 2 years at least since I've returned to school. I usually return when the semester in session, but being here on a school holiday where everything is quiet and gloomy, without the usual chattering students and teachers perplexes me a little. But anyhow, I feel satisfied that I've been able to portray the school in a different light. 

I've forgotten the name of this building, but it houses several important components of the school - the Chemistry / Biology labs, the library (on the top floor) and the canteen (on the ground floor).

I like the fact that the buildings aren't really that newly painted to reveal signs of ageing, and that the school has had a long history in bringing up students in the La Salle-ian tradition. Most Catholic/ Christian schools in West Malaysia have been influenced a little too much by Malay principals to the extent that most of the traditions have been lost.

Most of the plants around the school are local plants, which to not require much TLC (tender loving care).  I reckon its fair since the school gardeners aren't paid much anyway.

This is the laneway behind the Kemahiran Hidup (Living Skills) laboratory which leads to the St Joseph primary school. As you can see, vandalism is rife, so most (if not all) of the glass shutters are guarded with metal bars. Unfortunate it is, but necessary.

This is the school's volleyball court (as I can remember). Our school band used to have some performances here a while back to show case our 'achievements' to the other students.

The school pond cum garden is perpetually green with algae, but some hardy goldfish still manage to survive inside. Beyond it is the Sir William Tan Auditorium. Back in those days, we used to watch movies inside with the aircond on, until one brat brought along a VCD with some p*rn in it. That was the end of our movie enjoyments. 

I noticed this bright looking telephone near the teachers' office. Hopefully it'll stay that way for much longer.

Looking out towards the muddy soccer field and St Joseph's primary. It was pretty cloudy that day too.

Opposite the chemistry labs (on the left) is our indoor stadium. I could remember those days when the whole school was cooped inside the swealtering heat of the stadium (no aircond mah). Gets pretty noisy too when everyone's talking.

You can see the Telekom Malaysia office building in the background of the Josephian Block. One of my friend's mom used to work there. I used to study in this block for 3 years (form 3, 4 and 5).

Behind the Mill Hill block (the oldest building in school, built in 1895) are some new-looking water tanks to flush our toilets.

And here it is... Mill Hill block in all its glory with the 7-14. Brother Albinus used to stay in the central block (not sure if he still does now), while the Form Six students have their classes situated on the left and right ones.

I snuck into the teachers' office while there was no one around (yes yes, I know I'm not supposed to). All the tables and sofas are in the right place as I remember 10 years ago. Boy, some things never change.

This wraps up my first post of Kuching. Stay tuned for more stuff to come :)


hazwan said...

hey brandon.

was googling sjs, and found a link to this entry. do we still not have a website? haha

Anonymous said...

hi brandon, I am now studying in St Joseph's and I am Form 3 now,but I will tell you this,I never actually liked St Josephs like I ever did. The moment I see this pictures,I started to miss school really badly.To tell you the truth,ST JOSEPH RULES !!!!!!!!!!! oh and you may not know me, but my name is Andrew and I am at class 3C in this year XD

Ken-SJSian said...

Hey! I just heard that St. Teresa is joining the All-Stars cheerleading competition in Kuching this year April 10!!
SJS boys do we know if we have a team?

urataros said...

hei i am form 1 you cikgu jamaliah,cikgu yanti and so on.....i think you know them....hahahahaha

OraEtLabora said...

Cikgu Jamaliah? i think i remember her, if it's the same Cikgu Jamaliah we're talking about. and i was in Form 5 way back in '95 :)


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