Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, 21 April 09

I woke up earlier this morning for work and decided to give Kim some early morning exercise. Took some effort to wake her up from bed, though. But once she started going, everything seems fine.

Yes, this is a chilli plant, and a purple one to be exact. My mum assures me that this is completely edible, despite how it looks.

This doesn't look like a cherry, but it is. It looks very round, and definitely has a pleasant red colour on its skin.

They call this plant the misai kucing (Cats whiskers). You should be able to guess why its name as such.

After taking a picture of the misai kucing, I turned around and there I saw this bunched of tiny flowers. Not sure what it is, but it looks nice too.

My firm has been working on the design of the Novotel compex for quite some time. Imagine having your project built in your back yard! :D

And as usual, because its a construction site, there are lots of scrap timber lying around. Better not get too near to them, lest you like being scratched by rusty nails.

I also stopped for a while at Hilton to see whats new inside. So far, the triangula skylight seems interesting, and the new furnitures are pleasing to the eye, but other than that, nothing really special here :S

Had a long day at work as usual, and when I finished (nearing 630 pm), I didn't exactly have any mood to shoot.

Here's a detached house under construction in my area, and I thought the sky was nice, so what the heck! Perhaps I'll have better luck tomorrow, if I'm hardworking enough.



hongyi said...

hey brandon! just thought i'd say hi...! havent seen you for a while!

your photos r beaaautiful lar. do u edit them much? im starting to get into photography as well, still very much a novice. and a nikon user btw :P

would like to catch up whenever u're free! it's been a while! =)

Anonymous said...

this is one very secretive hotel cum shopping mall that has no website to inform kuchingites about their happenings.


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