Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Aaron suggested that we do a impromptu trip to Frankston last Wednesday since he had some matters to settle with the hospital there. We left about 9 o'clock in the morning and reached there about an hour later.

Thursdays is the time for the Frankston Street market, so we travelled from store to store and looked at their wares.

Yes, I could've been more generous with myself and bought some stuff, but somehow the wares didn't appeal to me.

This is the view of the main street in Frankston, with the town hall on the right.

This guy from London bakes cakes with his fiancee and sells them at this market. Pretty cool huh?

But one thing did fascinate the three of us: a stall selling honey with a contained hive to tillitate our eyes. We spent a good 15 minutes there listening to the guy explaining the whole process to us. The honey's for charity, though.

There are some quaint buildings here that appear right out of a Hollywood 1930s film.

We stopped by this beachside cafe for some fish and chips.

Yes, its not the best choice in my opinion (the one on Peel St is cheaper and the fish fillet's larger), but it sure did fill our stomaches.

Behind those cheerful smiles is a feeling of discontent - the cafe added too much salt to the fries for their liking.

Dining in the restaurant was more expensive due to the service charges, so we just sat by the pier while being observed by a flock of hungry seagulls. Pretty creepy :s

I'm trying to follow the strobist website by dialling down the background exposure by -2 and using fill in flash. Of course, there are some purists who prefer to use all natural light, but I'm still experimenting my way around in the mean time.

We bumped into Dora's parents in another fish & chip shop on the way back. We thought that things would end with a short chit chat and a group photo..

..but we were wrong. Uncle stuffed us with another round of fries, fish and soft drinks. I wasn't feeling very good in my stomach after being stuffed to the brim with food.

Although I was super full.. BMH dinner was held on the same night. I rushed back and cooked a 2kg lot of chicken wings in tomato sauce. Amazingly, I could still eat for dinner.

Aaron being his usual ol' self. He's usually on his more serious side most of the time I see him.

Neil's dinner was at usual the following day.

Tang and Steven.

I prepared on dish tonight that totally disgusted Mich Kwek. She's sulking and didn't want to pose for the camera. Oh well :S The others didn't really seem to mind though.

Helen from Montreal, Canada came over to visit again for a few days from her Asian tour. I guess she really missed Melbourne.

Easter service was as usual. Some peeps were away overseas (eg. New Zealand) to fully utilise their 1-week break.

I can honestly say that the folks in LSCC make 200 percent more effort into the church lunch compared to the church that I go to in Kuching.

This is the group of new Singaporeans in our OCF. Most of them enter the course halfway after completing their polytechnic studies in Sing.

All packed up and ready for Belgrave.

You will find that Jack will constantly be having something to chew on. He's our new BMH eating machine.

The good ole' church on Easter.

Headed down to the city for a few more shots.

My first taste of hot cross buns. Thankfully this version has raisins to add some sweet taste to the bun.

the buns were distributed by a charitable society to everyone who happened to be around St Paul's church on easter.

Some couples look at each other less after they get married, especially those who have been married for decades. Hmm...

Thats all my pics from Melbourne for now. Laters!



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