Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fotoholics zoo trip

Fotoholics organised a trip to the zoo today, so being a sunny day, I didn't hesitate to take up this opportunity.

There were heaps of animals today, from the downright beautiful...

... to those which come in cute packages.

Its quite simple being an animal in the zoo really.. just be yourself, and you don't need to think much, such as what this baboon is trying to do.

Sometimes, its good to notice the little things, and the 50-200 gives me that opportunity to do so, with a close focusing distance of 1.2 meters.

The club president was trying to photograph us with his 70-200. I thought he was joking, but he isn't.

We pause for a lunchbreak of hamburgers, sausages and diabetic-inducing soft drinks.

As you can see, the club members are all too happy to finish up the food.

Beware.. here come the fotoholics troopers!

I had the rare opportunity to observe a tiger hunting for its food in its enclosure. It must be wondering - Hey, haven't you seen someone eat before?

The rough textures on an elephant's skin remain awe-inspiring to me.

When the frogs are quiet, you know something's wrong with mother nature.

Two love birds presumably being lovey-dovey with each other.

This gorilla welcomed our party by striking a thoughtful pose.

This baby monkey probably has iron arms to be able to hold on to its mom for that long...

As a tribute to my friend Robin, I tried to close in to the butterflies while using the lens at maximum aperture (His macros are awesome by the way). Although macro purists would critique that I should use a wider depth of field (and macro flashes), I feel this is sufficient, from my personal artistic point of view.

It was very tricky to meter a black butterfly correctly. Fortunately, the butterflies were patient enough with me..

For any people who are interested to join in future fotoholics activities, please feel free to contact me, and I'll gladly inform you all about it.



@lv1nX said...

awesome pictures man:)

Anonymous said...

the giraffe's really cuteee


robin said...

who cares what the macro critics say, just do what you feel is right. Every photographer has their own approach in delivering the photos, so yeah, narrow DOF selectively focuses one area, drawing the eyes attention to it directly. It works well, if you ask me.
OOooohhh this is a little bit deja vu.. now I feel like going to zoo again. Familiar eh?


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