Sunday, August 23, 2009

photo walk : 22 aug 09

Today was a beautiful, sunny day, so I couldn't resist the opportunity for some ''shutter therapy'', as my friend Robin likes to call it.

The postmodern "Melbourne Terrace Apartments" at Franklin St, designed by Greek architect Nonda Katsalidis.

There are various classical sculptures at the base of each major "pavilion''

Some sightings around A' Beckett Street.

The grafitti elements weren't particularly interesting, but I was looking for contrasts (light vs shadow) , forms, repetitions, etc at the same time.

I guess for myself, I ''see'' more things when I go photo-walking alone.

Its not that I dislike having company, but when I'm alone, I am able to fully concentrate on what I'd like to capture for the day.

Does Australia have a drinking problem? I'll let the bottles speak for themselves

Its only a matter of time how long will these houses stand the test of time before they get engulfed by their neighbours and developers. They've done pretty well to stand the test of time, though.

This cone is very distinctive in Melbourne.

A lift ferries builders up and down the site.

Some sightings around Lt Latrobe Street. They're interesting, but not that spectacular I must say.

The buy era @ gmail. I wonder what this is...

An old kimchi restaurant on Little Latrobe. I went here in my first year in Melbourne. Pity its an empty husk now.

Times change quickly, don't they?

The sad birdie.

Cross Culture Church of Christ@ Swanston Street.

Drewery Place, off Swanston street.

Sniders Lane. I like the way how the suns' rays are reflected to the building across the lane.

Baroque House @ Drewery Lane. Awesome sculpture above its entrance.

There seem to be milk crates EVERYWHERE in the laneways.

Out for a smoke in the lanes.

Looking out of Fed Square.

Manchester Unity Building. You can't miss it, really.

Howey Place

Cafe @ Presgrave Pl

Dropped by Camera action on little Bourke to have a look at the micro 43rds Panasonic 7-14mm f4 G- Vario lens. It has great optical properties for its small size, and a generous price tag too match! Do have a look at their website to see what I mean !

Did some groceries at Queen Vic market as usual.

I hope your weekend has been going well so far.




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