Tuesday, August 11, 2009

photowalk: 11 aug 09

I brought out the Minolta lens today for some shots, and confirmed my suspicion that the inifinity distance mark isn't accurate, especially when used at maximum aperture. Hence, subjects in the distance don't appear very sharp even when I set the lens focus to infinity.

John Foster had several tips on how to get out the best results from OM lenses, such as:
  • stop down the lens at least 2 stops.
  • use center weighted metering instead of evaluative metering
  • use -1/3 to -1/2 exposure compensation

As I was catching up with a friend at the traffic lights, the golden sunlight disappeared from the sky.

Its notable that the cycling culture in Melbourne is very alive, even today. (at least better than the place in Malaysia where I come from)

Waiting for the tram to arrive

At least in this rain, the plants wouldn't wither from dehydration, but too much water can be a problem too.

Wouldn't it be just great to sit inside a car, sheltered from the elements...

I shall not covet, and be content with the life I am living.



I was surfing through an acquaintance's blog today when I saw this photo of Tokyo Disneyland. Eventhough the image is riddled with noise, loss of sharpness and blotchiness, I consider it remarkable because it is taken with a 2 year old Nokia camera phone, which you can nowadays use to play music, games, and do a gazillion other tasks, and best of all, it fits into your pocket!

Of course, and EP-1 would do the trick, comparatively speaking, but its heaps more expensive, and you would still need a tripod.

Hmmm.. an I-phone looks tempting.. :p


Anonymous said...

How did you do that ?!?!?
Ok, i clearly fall in the "Does 'Erase all' really mean 'Erase all'?" category !
-- dexterpark

Snow =P said...

brandon! ur blog is fun! i like the photo with words description:)
and the disappeared sunset,,,,lolol so funny

btw, the visitors' world map is cool!


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