Sunday, August 02, 2009

Photo walk : 1 Aug '09

Despite the cloudy & drizzling weather, I made an effort to go for a photowalk yesterday afternoon with a couple of friends. Here are some of the snapshots I took.

Textures under Princess bridge

A peak into one of the boat houses along Boathouse Drive. Plenty of kayaks and bicycles inside.

Testing out a polycarbonate device that facilitates the production of panoramic photos.

I prefer sunny, blue skies over cloudy ones. Oh well, there's always another time.

Its great to be always on the move.

Closeup of a hippie van.

Trying to manual focus 500mm equivalent lens using live view on a E510 isn't easy...

Swan St bridge

View of the CBD from Swan st bridge.

We then headed up to the viewing platform at Birrarung Marr.

Many paths, one destination.

Lots of things seem to be under renovation during winter. Such a pity.

The sun sets early during winter. This is how dark the city gets at 6pm.

Had a 6 course meal at Happy Palace with a couple of friends. I wouldn't comment too much about their food, but its safe to assume that I wouldn't be coming back in a long while!

cheers, and good night.


AnandaSim said...

Hey Brandon,

It's not that I can feel those shots because we participated together but artistically, these are some of your most stylish shots I have seen from you for a long time. The Kuching shots over the past few months have been technically excellent but artistically, only a few made me linger for more than a few moments to look at them.

Paul said...

Very nice pictures... I really like the perspectives.

Margaret said...

Margaret W

You really do have a wonderful eye for detail and also the processing of your photos :) Lovely to see how some turned out :)


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