Saturday, August 15, 2009

photowalk: 15 aug 09

Todays' photowalk was very fruitful [thank God for the beautiful blue skies] and I had a friend accompany me today. We started off at the Treasury building near Spring St...

... and made our way into the Conservatory at Fitzroy Gardens.

The flowers are in full bloom since spring is here, and they look fantastic.

There were a whole lot of pink and white flowers of several different varieties

The natural daylight proved sufficient, so I thankfully I didn't need a flash or tripod to do some macros.

We then made our way to St Patrick's cathedral.

When the sunrays pass through the gold-coloured stained glass windows, it evokes a heavenly feeling.

Its as if for a moment, you are detached from this world and you're in a completely different atmosphere suitable for prayer and contemplation.

There were several other people here too, no doubt.

Hopefully I'll bring a tripod next time for serious work. Its really challenging to get the verticals straight when you don't have one.

Bummed around the city for a while whilst waiting for the sun to set.

I also attempted a few new angles at Federation Square.

For a successful architectural photograph, you do not necessarily need to show the whole complex.

Trying once again to frame Eureka Tower using the trees.

Once the sun sets, the magic begins, and you'll have to work quickly to make full use of the twilight period (which lasts about 10-15 minutes).

Thankfully the variable angle LCD screen in live view mode helped me to compose the shots without the aid of a tripod.

When the lights from the buildings even out with the remaining light in the sky, you know you've got a successful twilight exposure.

As the light fades, you lose contrast in the skies, and it gets harder for the buildings to stand out in the picture.

It is at this time when I usually pack up and head home.

Todays' WTD strip yields an important lesson.

I should stop lusting after that d700 :)


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Snow said...

haha i like the Cathedral and night shots(LCD?)!! ^_____^


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