Monday, August 31, 2009

A week just past

Its interesting that my semester is getting more and more packed as it progresses. It has been a busy week for me.

Thursday: Had dinner at Neil's. The usual food that we have : pasta, some meat and veg.

Friday : Had bible study in the kitchen. My group prepared some pastries. Some batches were burnt, unfortunately.

Saturday: Fotoholics organised a studio session for members (and attracted some new members too). Shayen was quite helpful in explaining some studio techniques. This is called 'loop lighting'.

Added some additional light on the side for some highlights. The skin tones here look more pleasing after I switched to ''portrait mode''.

Stanley lent me his 5Dmk2 and 70-200 /2.8 because my e3 couldn't sync with the studio strobes :(

I find that the image output from the 5D2 offers much more latitude in post processing due to the higher dynamic range and resolution, which is admirable indeed. I pushed this image by 2 stops, and it still looks quite good. I can't get that much latitude with Olympus jpegs.

I did try a shot with the E-3, just for comparison.

I reckon its a very dangerous thing to give newbies an 85 1.2 to play with. At least she's having good fun.

Due to the extremely shallow DOF , its hard to focus with, even with an APS-C sensor.

Rushed back after the studio session to cook for ''Merdeka Night''. Malaysia is celebrating its independence day on 31st August, which is today.

We were pretty glad there was enough food for everyone. There were about 30 of us.

Its ironic that we couldn't find enough Malaysians to attend, so we had to pull in our ex-countrymen from across the causeway ;)


"Negaraku.. tanah tumpahnya darah-ku, rakyat hidup..."

Unfortunately, in the light of recent incidents involving a severed cow's head, our independence day doesn't look so rosy this year. Our Malaysian society is treading backwards as the years progress. I do not dare to forsee what our society will look like by the year 2020 if this trend continues.

Todays WTD identifies the main issue beleaguering Malaysian politicis today:

We are so proud to be Malaysians :S



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